Dentures Alaska

Dentures Alaska is the largest provider of high-quality yet affordable dentures in the great state of Alaska. With over 50 years of experience, this family owned and operated denture practice, which proudly serves the Anchorage bush community, strives to provide all Anchorage denture wearers with dentures that fit better, feel better and inspire the utmost confidence.

Family Owned And Operated

Dentures Alaska was created by Dr. Don Burk who then passed the successful practice on to his son Dr. Guy Burk DMD in 2008. At that time, Dentures Alaska was the largest provider of complete dentures, partial dentures and implant dentures in the Anchorage and surrounding areas. The denture practice in Anchorage has continued to blossom and grow ever since.

Full-Service Denture Services In Anchorage

There are plenty of reasons why Dentures Alaska should be your number one choice for dentures in Anchorage. For one, all of our Anchorage denture specialists are trained to provide denture services and surgical procedures all under one roof. We also have all the tools and techniques to ensure that you remain comfortable throughout the entire procedure. In fact, Dr. Guy Burk has personally heard patients say, “that is the most comfortable procedure I have ever had.”

Our full-range of Anchorage denture services include:

Affordable Dentures In Alaska

If you are looking for dentures that help you eat, speak and look your very best, but you also want to save money in the process, you should choose Dentures Alaska. We offer several payment options and accept all forms of insurance. If you want high-quality, low-cost dentures that always perform when you need them to, call Dentures Alaska to make an appointment.