Denture Services in Anchorage, AK

Denture Services in Anchorage Alaska

As a full-service denture practice in Anchorage, Dentures Alaska specializes in combining dentures and surgical services all under one roof. From complete dentures to immediate dentures to denture implants, we offer the complete package for any Anchorage denture wearer who wants to improve their smile and quality of life.

Full-Service Denture Practice In Anchorage

Dr. Guy Burk DMD is dedicated to providing patients with the best-fitting, best looking and most confidence-inspiring dentures in the great state of Alaska. To do this, he uses a variety of denture services in Anchorage, including:

Complete Or Partial Denture Services In Anchorage

For over 50 years, Dentures Alaska has lived by the motto, “Treat your customers like family and they will take care of you.” And the staff at Dentures Alaska strives to live up to that motto every day with the latest Anchorage dental services. We want to help our Anchorage denture wearing patients restore their ability to eat and speak normally. We also want to reverse the aging affect that often accompanies tooth loss. For the most affordable and highest quality dentures in Anchorage, your first and only choice should be Dentures Alaska.

Cosmetic Dentures And Implant Dentures

For a little more permanence and less maintenance, implant dentures can be placed directly into your jawbone. Our Anchorage implant denture wearers can now snap their teeth in and out with ease. These implants are also tooth-supported, which prevents bone loss and improves the fit and function of the dentures. Implant dentures take up less surface area than traditional dentures, thus improving taste and thermal sensation. These dentures will cost a bit more, but they should be considered if you need dentures in Anchorage and you want new teeth that are permanently fixed to your jaw that require little maintenance and are only removed at cleanings.

To learn more about our Anchorage denture services or to schedule your initial appointment, call Dentures Alaska.