How To Go About Denture Repair?

Do you have dentures? If yes, then you must know how essential it is to keep them clean and in perfect fitting. Unfortunately, it is very common for dentures to get damaged or break due to negligence or over use. So, if you have broken your fake teeth or have lost them, it’s important to get in touch with your clinic and ask the dentist to take fresh molds of your gums to create a brand new set.

When you require new dentures Alaska, you will have to attend weekly appointments with your dentist. There will be 3 to 5 sessions that have to be attended, depending on your personal needs. On the first visit, the dental expert will take out x-rays to examine your tooth structure closely and to see if your jaw is healthy enough for fake prosthetic. At the second appointment, he will make a mold of your mouth that will help in making sure the dentures created are made according to your personal requirements.

Apart from this, the dental expert will also have to restructure your existing teeth so that the dentures can be adjusted easily. Once the initial stages have passed, you will be called in for a third appointment wherein the doctor will place the new dentures in your mouth and check if they fit comfortably. This is the time when you must ensure that the dentist knows of any problems you are facing with your newly acquired teeth. Once everything is set, few more appointments will be needed for the doctor to explain the cleaning process and the precautions that will have to be taken to avoid the need of denture repair. In case, you’re having trouble talking or chewing, this would be the best time to inform your dentist.