Comparing Dentures and Bridges

Anchorage dentures specialistCosmetic dentistry has helped millions of people around the world in getting their confidence back by enhancing their smiles. There are numerous dental issues such as, chipped and broken teeth, discoloration, missing teeth, and the like that can hamper the overall appearance of an individual’s face. This can, in turn, lead to low self-esteem issues and other psychological stresses. With the assistance of procedures like, cosmetic dentures, dental bridges, and implants, doctors can absolutely transform the patient’s teeth.

The main difference between Bridges and Dentures

While bridges are porcelain replacements that need to be attached to healthy teeth, cosmetic dentures are removable replacements that do not necessitate any type of abutment. Apart from this, another difference is, while the former is able to replace only a few teeth the latter can restore the whole set if needed. So, in case you’re planning to get one of the procedures done, get in touch with a good Anchorage dentures specialist. To advise you with the right option, the expert will ask you to undergo complete oral examination which would comprise of comprehensive X-rays to divulge the condition of your jaw, teeth and gums.

While comparing between dental bridges and cosmetic dentures, an important point to consider is the cost. Cosmetic dentures Alaska are far cheaper in comparison to dental bridges.

It is also essential to know the importance of cosmetic dentures and bridges. For one, these prosthetics help fill the gap made my missing teeth, which in turn helps in keeping the natural arrangement of the teeth intact. Moreover, with the advancement in cosmetic dentistry, patients can now get these appliances to fit their jaw perfectly and give their smile a complete makeover. These prosthetics also help with chewing, speaking, and other activities. However, it is important to get the procedures done from reputed clinics and dentists who are skilled and experienced with cosmetic dentistry.